Wireless Access Points


MyOrpheo On-Site Wireless Access Points

Most apps for museums contain a very large amount of data including audio, video, and high definition images. This can sometimes result in long download times for visitors. Fortunately, MyOrpheo has designed a solution to this problem using on-site wireless access points with integrated media servers. With this solution, content is stored on a local platform rather than on a remote server. This results in much faster downloading times (up to five times faster).


For Visitors:

• Easy access: No password is required (the Wi-Fi network is open to visitors.)

• Free internet connection: This aspect is particularly interesting for foreign visitors with no access to 3G.

• Rapid downloading speed: Thanks to multimedia data hosting on-site, the downloading time of the application is greatly reduced.

For the Site:

• On-site data hosting:  Allows a large number of downloads simultaneously without limiting the speed of the internet connection.

• Remote access: It is possible to connect to your system from our location to perform updates. Therefore, monitoring, maintenance, content and software updates are fast and easy.

• Award-winning security of your data and system information: Provided by the deployment of a powerful firewall and antivirus at the server’s access point.

• URL filtering: Make sure visitors only use your internet to download apps. We can set your web preferences to only allow access to the App Store, Google Play and our data server. This will further secure a fast downloading speed.

How Does It Work?

Data Model of Our Applications

Each application consists of 2 data forms: runtime data and multimedia data. Runtime data is available via the App Store or Google Play, depending on the device used (iOS or Android). Multimedia data is heavier and, in turn, stored on a dedicated server to ensure efficient downloading speed and data control.

On-Site Installation To allow users to download the application on-site, we offer a mini-server that stores the multimedia data within the application. In addition, we provide a Wi-Fi router that allows visitors to quickly connect to the Internet. With URL filtering, we assure that your visitors are only using the internet to connect to the iTunes Store & Google Play. These solutions greatly decreases the downloading time of your application.

wireless access points