Why MyOrpheo?

We are diligent and experienced with the marketing dimension of our projects !

MyOrpheo App Development Team

Marketing Approach

As we often implement revenue sharing agreements, we are extremely diligent and experienced with the marketing dimension of our projects. We have learned that the success of an application is not only determined by the technical skill with which it is developed, but also the quality and richness of the content. Communication about the app is equally important as well; no matter how incredible an app is, nobody can download it if they don’t know it exists.

International Approach

With 20 years of experience developing audio guide hardware, we have realized how important it is to respect the diverse cultures of our intended users. All of our mobile solutions are developed with this international approach, keeping diversity and cultural sensitivity in mind.

Software Technology

Our apps offer a unique experience to the visitor according to his/her personal device. Our users will benefit from a resolution adapted to their specific screen as well as  optimized downloading time.

Generic Kernel

Our applications are specific to each project. Yet, because we use a generic kernel, our customers can benefit from regular software updates. For instance, the multimedia engine of our App is used at the famous Quai Branly Museum in Paris as part of a 7 year partnership.

State of the Art Mobile Technology

Thanks to our collaboration with local universities, we have developed an impressive augmented reality engine. In addition, our current work with research laboratories enables us to embed new mobile technologies inside our Apps. As technology improves, so do we.