How to Find Your UDID

How to Find Your UDID In Order To Beta Test an iOS App

What is a UDID?

A Unique Device Identifier (UDID) is a sequence unique to an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. It’s used by Apple to identify a specific device, and by developers to distribute beta applications. The sequence is 40 characters long and looks something like this: 0e83gg56a12a6cf0c7560cbb08ab6752181fb49b.

How it Benefits You

Before publishing, you and your team may want to beta test an app we’ve created for you. After providing MyOrpheo with your UDID, you will be able to download the app to any iOS Device before the app is available on the App Store.

Follow these simple instructions to find your UDID.

1-   Launch iTunes and connect your device via the USB cable. 2-    In the top right corner of your screen under the search bar, click the “Library” button. (If you see your device already listed, skip to Step 3). 3-    Now in the top right corner, you should see a button labelled “iPhone” “iPad” or “iPod Touch” 4-    Click the button corresponding to your device to open the summary page for your device. 5-    On the summary page you will see your device, which in this example is “MyOrpheo new iPad.” There you will see the Serial Number. 6-    Click on the serial number itself and the UDID will appear in its place. 7-    Right click and select “Copy” to copy the UDID to your clipboard. 8-    Using right click and “Paste” or Ctrl+V, you can now paste the UDID into your email or instant messenger.

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You will now be able to receive your beta application. Thanks for visiting