Michelin Adventure

The Official Michelin Adventure Museum Mobile App

The Mission

The Michelin Adventure Museum in Clermont-Ferrand, France celebrates the rich history of transportation innovation at Michelin, with over 1000 heritage items in over 2,000 m2 of museum space. The museum explores the past and future of Michelin, from the history of the Michelin brothers and the success of Michelin, to the development of the “Green Tire” developed in 1992, so-called for its ability to cut fuel consumption. With so much history to discover, visitors at Michelin Adventure had difficulty accessing and absorbing all that the museum had to offer.

The Solution

Enter MyOrpheo. With their extensive experience, the team at MyOrpheo developed an audio tour in four languages with 67 points of interest, 40 minutes of audio content, and an interactive map of the museum to guide visitors. Read this excerpt from Section 2: “Riding on Air.”

The first tires were welded to the wheels, which made it difficult to repair them. In 1891, the Michelin brothers had the idea of uncoupling the outer cover and air chamber. They developed a tyre that could be easily screwed onto the wheel and thus easily detached in the event of a puncture. This was the start of their success.”

The application also features: – Practical information such as opening hours and ticket prices to plan your visit. – Nearly 200 archived images. – A “Bonus” section with image galleries featuring iconic pieces from Aventure Michelin, and the evolution of the Michelin Man.

The Results

The free application – available for download on iOS, Android, or for rental on-site – will enhance your discovery of Michelin Adventure before, during, and after your visit.

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