Grand Palais Art Scan

Grand Palais Art Scan Image Recognition App

The Grand Palais is one of the most famous exhibition halls in France, dating back to 1897 with over two million visitors per year. The museum complex has many historical and art exhibitions.

The Exhibition – Bill Viola

When the Museum began showing work by artist Bill Viola, they wanted to do something different. Viola poses the questions of life, death, transcendence, rebirth, time and space. To do that, he relies on the fluidity of motion, a very important element in his art.

The Solution

In order to preserve the element of motion in the artist’s work, the museum commissioned MyOrpheo to create the Grand Palais Art Scan App for iOS and Android. The application combines image recognition with the artist’s own digital content. Images can be viewed in the physical catalogue, or scanned with the free app to create an effect of augmented reality for the viewer. For example, the piece “Tristan’s Ascension”  transforms into a video of the model placed on a tablet, surrounded by a rising waterfall.

The Results

The Bill Viola exhibition has been visited by many thousands of visitors since March, 2014, over 6,000 of which have enjoyed it using the Grand Palais Art Scan App, available on iOS and Android.

Grand Palais Art Scan App


Demo kit

In order to experience our image recognition module, follow the steps below:

  • 1. Download and print a sample of the catalogue by clicking here.
  • 2. Download the free app on iOS or Android by clicking the links below.
  • 3. Open the app and scan any of the four images in the sample catalogue.

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Watch the App Demo