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Cisco CMX Indoor Positioning SDK

Cisco Systems is the largest networking solution company in the world. Cisco realized they could leverage their vast wireless network to create a completely new service: indoor positioning solutions for business and public sites.

The Mission

The challenge for MyOrpheo was to create the Cisco Indoor Positioning Software Development Kit (SDK) for Cisco which could be easily used by their partner ecosystem. The development kit had to be simple to understand and easy for external developers to integrate. Cisco chose MyOrpheo as the official Cisco CMX SDK Developer.

The Solution

Together with Cisco, MyOrpheo developed the functionality and interface of the Cisco Indoor Positioning SDK, allowing developers to program venue specifications into their own custom indoor positioning application, using Android, iOS or both. The resulting product, “Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences” (CMX), enables businesses toDetect, Connect and Engage Users In-Venueusing their existing Cisco Wi-Fi infrastructure, making the service extremely affordable and scalable. Users can even use CMX to boost brand recognition and trigger push notifications in shopping malls, museums, and much more. Whether you are in retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, education, or government, your visitors are always connected. Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) lets you tap into this connected lifestyle and provide relevant mobile content while gaining meaningful analytics.

The Results

The application of the Cisco CMX Indoor Positioning SDK has helped businesses in many sectors to be more efficient. It allows students and health professionals to navigate the St. Olav’s health complex in Trondheim, Norway more easily, and will be used by the City of Barcelona to improve the delivery of government services with smart waste collection, smart parking and more. Visit for more information.

Cisco Indoor Positioning  

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