Quai Branly Museum – Baba Bling Exhibition

Quai Branly Museum Baba Bling Exhibition

The exhibition was held in the Garden gallery from October 5th 2010 to January 30th 2011. The exhibition tells the fascinating story of how the Chinese immigrant community of Singapore influenced the customs and beliefs of their adoptive country. Most of the 480 pieces come from Singapore’s Perankan Museum’s collection, and all highlight the luxurious, refined culture of this community. Most pieces – furniture, beaded and embroidered textiles, porcelain- date back to the end of the 19th or the beginning of the 20th century. It was a time of significant economic growth that brought great wealth to many Singapore Chinese families. The peak economic, political and cultural prosperity of the times translated as an art de vivre revolving around the home, its most important display. Hence, the home is also the common thread of the exhibition. Would you like to share the intimacy of a Peranakan family, in Singapore? Listen to the confidences of the Babas and Nonyas who could have lived in this house, at the beginning of the 20th century. They invite you in an immersive and original journey to discover their luxurious and sophisticated culture.