Site of the Pont du Gard

The Official Site of the Pont du Gard App

The Mission

The Pont du Gard, or “Bridge over the Gard River,” is an ancient Roman aqueduct in the Gard region of France. Built in the first century AD, it is the highest of its kind and welcomes over one million visitors every year. The Pont du Gard spans across a large outdoor environment, standing almost 50m tall and 360m long. This posed a challenge for a mobile audio tour solution. Management needed an application that would allow visitors to experience the bridge’s history and landscape while being better able to navigate its expanse.

The Project

To address the problem, MyOrpheo proposed an innovative new solution for the Pont du Gard App. To enrich the visitor experience, an audio guide was created in eight languages with two hours of audio content, combined with a 3D interactive map for digital exploration. The geolocation features allows visitors to easily navigate from points of interest using their mobile device’s built in GPS. For example, when visitors approach stop 3 on their interactive map, the geolocation feature notifies them that they can start playing audio content about the 1000 year old olive trees living there. Finally, the core content is supplemented by a search function and practical information from the site’s webpage.

The Results

With thousands of downloads on iOS and Android and a rating of 4.3/5 on Google Play, The Pont du Gard app is a great example of how outdoor exploration can be enhanced by technology. available on the appstoregoogle play

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