Interactive Maps

Interactive maps for museums and cultural sites provide visitors with easy access to points-of-interest and flexible guidance throughout the site.

interactive floor plan

Interactive Maps for Mobile Applications

Interactive Maps can host a variety of media forms and unique features to complement any location. Many sites, such as the Grand Central Terminal in New York, have utilized our interactive map technology to guide visitors through an interactive floor plan. With a variety of media offered at each specific point, customers can access relevant information by simply touching the screen of their device. You can find the app here.

MyOrpheo’s Interactive Map Technology

Our interactive maps are the heart of our applications, the “hub” of activity, so to speak. Perfect for compact sites where Internet isn’t always available, they are able to incorporate all of the impressive features offered within our applications, including: – Audio & Video embedded within each POI – Social Networking Capabilities – Interactive Games, Quizzes, Puzzles, and Other Activities – QR Scanning Technology – Offline Capability

Discover Even More Territory

Equipped with external API features, we provide personalized map applications for City Tours and Urban Locations. Real-time GPS tracking and location awareness are a few benefits of this map option. With MyOrpheo’s Augmented Reality Technology, visitors can search for a specific POI and see it displayed when they point their camera towards its direction. You will no longer be lost during a city tour- just use your personal device as a virtual compass!