Image Recognition

Image Recognition

Image recognition APIs allow applications to identify objects, landmarks, products, and much more, from images.

  • •The process starts with the cataloging of scannable images into a database.
  • •Afterwards, the API converts images to a digital signature based on the the pixels they contain. This allows the software to instantly recognize any image similar to one in the database.
  • •Lastly, the digital signatures are transferred to the mobile platform (Android, iOS). Your users can then access their digital content anywhere while using their mobile device.


The Grand Palais Art Scan App developed by MyOrpheo is a great example of what image recognition software can do.

Image Recognition Demo kit

In order to experience our image recognition module, follow the steps below to demo the Grand Palais Art Scan App:

  • 1. Download and print a sample of the image catalogue by clicking here.
  • 2. Download the free app on iOS or Android by clicking the links below.
  • 3. Open the app and scan any of the four images in the sample catalogue.

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