Tools and Technologies

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Image Recognition

Image recognition APIs allow applications to identify objects, landmarks, products, and  much more, from images.


Application programming interfaces (APIs)

APIs allow for data integration from sources like Google Maps across multiple devices, for added flexibility in your application.


Geolocation & Indoor Positioning

Add multimedia tour content, as well as recommendations, special offers and more based on your users’ location.


Augmented Reality

An engaging way to provide interactive digital content superimposed on your immediate surroundings.


Video Synchronization

Using special sensors, video synchronization allows visitors to experience multilingual video content seamlessly and without delay.


Social Media Sharing

Compatible with all social networking tools, provide your audience the ability to post, share and add helpful information about the experience you offer.

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Interactive Maps

Interactive maps for museums and cultural sites provide visitors with easy access to points-of-interest and flexible guidance throughout the site.