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MyOrpheo is specialized in mobile solutions and smartphone applications for Museums, Tourism and Cultural Sites.

MyOrpheo Mobile App Development Company

Our Company

MyOrpheo provides turnkey mobile application solutions for all forms of organizations in the tourism and culture industry such as museums, parks and more. We are passionate about innovation and firmly dedicated to quality. As a full service mobile app development company, we design and manufacture all of our solutions in house, with a focus on maintaining the highest level of quality. Our mission is to make your content more accessible and enjoyable for visitors all over the world, no matter their native language or country of origin.

Our History

The Orpheo Group was founded in 1992 on the passion for enriching the visitor’s experience. Today, over 100,000 Orpheo solutions are installed at more than 1,000 sites all over the world. Our international network of 300 employees in 35 offices across five continents makes MyOrpheo well equipped to handle the requirements of any intercultural organization. With the addition of the MyOrpheo brand, our user-friendly iOS and Android applications makes our content even more easily accessible.

Our Portfolio

MyOrpheo is a  full service mobile app development company offering services ranging from multimedia creation to the implementation of advanced technology such as augmented reality, indoor positioning and geolocation. Many of our customers are museums and other tourist sites such as Grand Central Terminal. However, our technical expertise has also allowed us to work with large technology companies such as Cisco Systems. Whatever the specific requirements, MyOrpheo can help expand existing content onto mobile platforms such as iPhone & Android smartphones and tablets, or develop a completely unique solution from scratch.

Our Achievements

MyOrpheo is a Metaio Certified Mobile App Development Company, and in 2011 was recognized as the best iPhone, Android and Game Developer. Our greatest accomplishment however, has been the satisfaction of our valued customers. As Bob Wasinger, Marketing Officer at Metro-North Railroad explains, “customer feedback for the tours has been unanimously favourable. Orpheo delivered a first class product on time, within a tight time frame and has been a pleasure to work with. Overall [we are] very pleased with our selection of Orpheo as Grand Central Terminal’s official audio tour vendor.”

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