Martello Towers

Martello Towers And The Use Of Augmented Reality

Recognizing the potential of enhancing the visitor experience, Martello Towers 1 wanted to seize the opportunity of complimenting their exhibition with a mobile app that would utilize our latest augmented reality technology.
With such a rich amount of information to present to visitors about the sites history, architecture, military engineering and the day to day lives of those that lived within these walls, the use of augmented reality has helped bring all this to life right in front of you.


Bringing your visitors imagination to life is one of the unique features of augmented reality. We set out to do just that by recreating, as historically accurate as possible, a view into the world of the Martello Tower as it was in 1808. Having a hard time picturing the grub they consistently ate? Point your device at the plate and voila! Is your imagination running wild with curiosity regarding the artillery? Peer through the eyes of augmented reality to get an accurate depiction! With this state of the art technology complimenting all the other not to be forgotten features of the app (Interactive map, multimedia and narrative content) we believe this is an app that truly enhances this sites visitor experience, and look forward to making use of augmented reality for years to come.