Martello Towers

Discover the history of the famous Martello Towers in Quebec !

What is a Martello Tower?

A Martello tower is a permanent fortification work made of stone. The structure was used for centuries in the Mediterranean to combat piracy. Impressed with their effectiveness, the British decided to build them along their shore for protection against their enemies. By 1808, they had 73 of them. Martello towers were also used in North America to defend the colonies. In all, 17 were built in Canada in the 19th century In Quebec City, mindful of the American threat, without waiting for London’s permission, Governor Craig authorized the construction of four Martello towers on the Quebec promontory, two of them—towers 1 and 2—on the Plains of Abraham. It is inside these two towers you will be taken on a virtual tour.

Augmented Reality Exhibition

Thanks to MyOrpheo’s state-of-the-art technology, you can explore the history of the towers in a unique and user-friendly virtual experience. With a smart tablet in-hand, you can experience augmented reality and discover animations superimposed on the tower’s setting. Discover the history of Martello towers, their architecture, military engineering, and the living conditions of the military billeted in the towers. Our state-of-the-art technology within this site includes: Augmented reality, 2D animation, narrative capsule, interactive map, video and more.        Visit the Official Government of Canada Website