Jeff Corwins Wild Adventures Audio Tour

Boston’s Franklin Park and Stone Zoo have been inspiring people to protect and sustain the natural world with fun and engaging experiences since 1912. Allowing visitors to experience hundreds of exotic animal species from tropical rainforests, the Australian outback and the African savannah, these zoos have a lot to offer visitors of all ages.

The Mission

With emmy-award winning TV host and wildlife biologist looking to create a personally guided audio tour for these two zoos with some of the latest cutting edge technology, Jeff Corwin and Jeff Corwin Connect decided to partner with our Orpheo Group team to provide visitors an enhanced and interactive experience in a fun and engaging way.

The Solution

Growing up just south of Boston and often spending afternoons at the Franklin Zoo, Jeff Corwin’s depth of knowledge about the site and its offerings paired with his 20 years of wildlife expertise was definitely something visitors could enjoy experiencing. With this unique content, Orpheo Group developed an interactive custom audio tour application with Jeff Corwin narrating, allowing visitors to plot their own trails, track exhibits they’ve already seen and see close-up images and hear the calls of the animals they are learning about.

Make sure to ask for a mobile guide your next visit at either Franklin Park or Stone Zoo!