Interactive Maps for Museums and Cultural Sites

Interactive Maps and Floor Plans

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Who Are They For and Why Are They So Important?

Museums often utilize this technology to create interactive floor plans (typically with multiple stories.) POI locations are displayed on the floor plan, and visitors can simply find their location on the map and enjoy the supplementary information provided in the App. Cultural & historical sites can also benefit from interactive maps on their premises. For open-air sites, like gardens and zoos, interactive maps can highlight features along the visitor’s path.

MyOrpheo Blurb: “All of our interactive map applications provide visitors with unique features that can be embedded into POI’s on the map (for example, interactive games & quizzes, audio & video, augmented reality, etc.) When a visitor presses on the small coordinate marker, they will be directed to one of these customized features.”

For Small Sites, Internet Connectivity is Not Necessary

For many museums, Wi-Fi and 3G just won’t work. Old buildings, thick walls and rural locations aren’t inviting to Internet signals. Which is why we have developed our apps to work in these specific conditions. Our apps do require an initial connection to download the app data, so we recommend advertising the apps online for your visitors to download at home; or MyOrpheo can provide an Internet access point where visitors can download it at the entrance of the site.

Social Network Sharing on Interactive Maps

Apps connect visitors to all the essential social networks, like Facebook & Twitter. Allow visitors to see what others are saying about your site and also post their own comments and reviews. This not only provides an interactive experience between the visitor and the site, but it also provides feedback to the museum (like, what they can improve and what visitors enjoy the most.)

Users can post their location or favorite POI’s to their Facebook or Twitter page (for all their friends to see.) It is a golden opportunity for positive word-of-mouth and free publicity!

City Tours and Urban Locations

Interactive maps can be created using Map Kit Framework and Map SDK (Software Development Kit.) Location awareness is a popular feature in map applications; in order to integrate this feature, geocoding technology must be employed.

So, what is Map Kit Framework?

Essentially, Map Kit allows you to create embedded Maps, with customized POI’s for an intended area. In addition to displaying a map, you can easily jump to coordinates, plot location, and add a top layer with customized routes and graphics.

MyOrpheo Blurb: “For a MyOrpheo multimedia app-tour, we go further with this technology by adding unique content to highlight each of the POI’s displayed on the map. “

What is Geocoding?

Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates (latitude & longitude), which you can then use to place POI markers on the map. It can cover large areas (like a city), however, it requires Internet Connection to function. Therefore, we only suggest this option for places with large surface area and reliable 3G signals.

Interactive Maps & Augmented Reality

We have recently merged two of our most impressive app features- Interactive Maps and Augmented Reality. City tours are transformed with unique features only available with augmented reality technology. Visitors can search for a specific POI and see it displayed when they point their camera towards its direction.

Insider Secret: Many would argue that Augmented Reality City Tours are the future of tourism.