GeoGEM: The Real-time Geolocation App for Faculty, Students & Alumni


For the past 30 years, Grenoble Graduate School of business has developed its role in France and abroad as a leader among French business schools. With 10 campuses abroad and over 7 000 international students, GEM is a widely diverse institution with graduates working all over the globe. Similar to the way social media has brought friends and family closer together, GEM wanted a way to bring faculty, students and alumni together in the spirit of collaboration and professionalism, wherever they are in the world.


GeoGEM allows users to geolocate network members and contact them according to their geographical position. The app also allows you to receive information related to your geographical position via push notifications from Grenoble Ecole de Management. The geolocation service is aimed at students, graduates and GEM partners who are visiting the campus. It allows users to access a map of their surroundings, to see real-time information about other users who have enabled the geolocation service, and to contact nearby app users. In addition, by connecting a LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook account, users can easily connect and collaborate with each other through those social platforms.


GeoGEM is the first alumni app ever to be based on real-time rather than static geolocation data. For such a new type of alumni network, it has already captured the attention of many users who can collaborate with each other regardless of where their careers or studies take them. The app also promises new features to come in the near future.

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