MyOrpheo Content Management System

MyOrpheo Manager

MyOrpheo Manager is a content management system (CMS) dedicated for mobile application projects in museums, heritage sites and cities. With the latest version of this tool, managing your multimedia tour content has never been easier.

MyOrpheo Manager uses state of the art  technology to enable app distribution across many devices and platforms.

Select Your Features

Upload Content & Build Tours

Test Your App



Select the Tour and Features

To start your project, select the types of tours you would like to offer, including those for different audiences or languages. Determine whether or not you would like to add extra features, such as: interactive maps, visitor information, QR codes, geo-location services, and social media integration.

It’s also time to think about the content you would like to include in your tour. If you need help creating professional quality audio, video or 3-D models, MyOrpheo has an award-winning Content Creation team in-house!


Upload Content & Build Your Tours

Once your content has been uploaded, it is very simple to create a tour. MyOrpheo Manager’s user-friendly interface helps you create and edit the entire structure of the tour. Content such as pictures, audio, text and video can easily be managed and assigned to the various stops throughout the tour, making it easy for users to experience it in the way you intended.



Once you have your content integrated into the CMS, download it directly to your own device and test thoroughly for any possible design improvements. Need any help? The MyOrpheo team is always available to offer tech-support along the way.



If  the testing phase is completed and everything looks fine, it’s time to publish the app. Using an Apple or Google developer account, distributing to the app stores is easy with MyOrpheo Manager.