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iPad Apps for Education

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iPad Apps for Education, a Revolution ! [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”7296040″] APPS. Made popular by their pocket-sized convenience, their impact on the world has been anything but compact. Apps are HUGE. No matter how hard you try to think of a new idea, odds are it’s already published in the iTunes store. Never fear, however, for our reviving market provides new opportunities and consumer demand for apps everyday. Thank You, Apple. As in typical Apple style, they are meeting demands that consumers never even knew they had. Only this time, it specifically impacts an entire generation of young students. Apple has pushed to get their technology in schools for several years now, and it is finally catching on. San Diego schools reportedly dropped $10 million on 26,000 iPads intended for K-12 students throughout the city. And they aren’t the only ones catching the Ipad fever… Educational Apps in Classrooms. Some may […]

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Internet et usages culturels

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Utilisation d’Internet avant, pendant et après la visite Août 2012 Le Crédoc a réalisé en juin 2012 une étude sur La visite des musées, des expositions et des monuments pour la Direction Générale des Patrimoines du Ministère de la culture. L’étude s’intéresse aux pratiques culturelles de la population en ce qui concerne les visites des monuments, des sites historiques, des villes d’art et d’histoire, des musées et des expositions. Voici un résumé des analyses concernant le chapitre « internet et usages culturels ». Les quinze dernières années ont été le témoin de l’extraordinaire diffusion des « TIC » – les technologies de l’information et de la communication – dans la société française. Deux chiffres pourraient à eux seuls résumer cette prodigieuse expansion : en 2011, 75% des Français disposent d’une connexion à Internet à domicile et 85% ont un téléphone mobile, ils n’étaient respectivement que 4% et 11% en 1998. […]

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Scan Your Way Using QR Codes

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History of QR Codes ! The QR Code is a form of two dimensional symbol created by DENSO WAVE (established under the name of DENSO) in 1994, with the primary objective becoming a “code read easily by the scanner equipment”. Quick Response (QR) code back in 1994 to track parts in vehicle manufacturing. Unlike some other 2D symbologies that require a license to use the 2D code the QR Code is free to use by anyone. These type of codes can store more information compared to an ordinary bar codes. They can store URLs, telephone numbers, SMS, contact cards, geographic information, plain text and images as well other information. How QR Codes work ? To use the QR codes, we need to have a mobile phone with camera and internet connectivity. Then we need QR code readers or scanners. There are hundreds of QR code readers’ apps available on different app […]

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