A Very “Engaging” Audio Tour

A Very “Engaging” Audio Tour, Indeed!

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This beautiful brass clocks sits above the information desk in Grand Central.

“Meet me at the clock”has been a refrain for generations of New Yorkers. Sitting atop the central information desk at Grand Central Terminal, this large brass clock serves as a point of rendezvous for families, friends, and lovers. Adam and Erica were no exception. More than 700,000 tourists, commuters, and New Yorkers pass through the beloved structure, Grand Central Terminal, every day. How many eyes have looked into the face of that clock? It’s hard to say, but it is possible that none have been more full of love and anticipation than those of Adam Goldberg on September 30, 2012. This is the special place and day that he would propose to the woman of his dreams, Erica Friedman. More than two years ago, after their successful first date, they met again the next day for breakfast at the terminal. This is when Adam learned that Grand Central is Erica’s favorite place in New York City. More than a year and a half later, when walking through the terminal, the couple heard about the release of the first official audio tour of Grand Central so they decided to make a date of it. Adam always knew Grand Central would be the place that he would propose to Erica, but it had to be really special – it had to be different. During their tour, he saw how excited Erica was while in Vanderbilt Hall. Listening to the audio track of stop #16, he figured out how he would propose to Erica here… INSIDE the audio tour! No doubt, this would be the unique wedding proposal he had been hoping for. Driven by passion and excitement to make Erica his wife, Adam set out to achieve his goal.

Jason Grassi at the Audio Tour Window in Grand Central.

Unsure if something like this was even feasible, he first went to Jason Grassi, Operations Manager at Orpheo Audio Guides. In his usual style, Jason met the project with enthusiasm and determination.

“We were more than glad to help this charming young man propose in such a unique way,” he says about the situation.


Brett and Ashley – The Accomplices.

And so they got to work.

First, Adam had to find a reason for Erica to take the audio tour again. Only this time, they would have special audio guides with a proposal speech embedded into the content. He sought the help of her brother, Brett Friedman, and his pregnant wife, Ashley Firestone, who invited Erica and Adam to take the audio tour with them. It was such a believable scenario, since they had enjoyed it so much the first time, that Erica remained clueless and, in addition, Adam now had someone to document the event!

Vanderbilt Hall was radiating with their joy!


The Big Day.

Everything was ready: Orpheo took only a week and half to complete the project, Adam had the ring, and it was time to make history. Vanderbilt Hall was the place, stop #16. Famous for its grandeur and glamorous weddings, Adam would be making new history within these magnificent walls. When it finally came time for Erica to type the magic number into her audio guide, she accidentally typed in #46 – false alarm! Then, …#…1…6… Instead of hearing the scripted words of the audio guide, she heard a beautiful speech, recorded by Adam, full of love and sincerity. As Adam got down on one knee, her reaction was priceless. This would certainly be a day they could never forget. Even the spectators around them were enthralled, snapping pictures and rejoicing in the spectacular scene. When she took off her headphones, Adam spoke those magic words, “Will You Marry Me?” Well, no surprise, she said, “Yes!”

The couple celebrated afterwards with a black & white cookie from Junior’s, a famous New York eatery, and admired the diamond ring that represented their bright future.

Adam and Erica – Happily Ever After!